Protective Choice

Beyond the Karman Line Inc

With over 60 years of combined experienced in the space and solar industries, the visionary founders of Beyond the Karman Line decided that it was time to utilize the abundance of green energy accessible above the Earth’s atmosphere to benefit all of humanity. With innovative solutions to the global space debris issues and the possibility of furthering technologies that research spaced based power generation. Join Beyond the Karman Line in our sprint to finding energy sources that make humanity sustainable, as well as finding solutions for cleaning up our orbital space to make room for new technologies.

Cleaning Our Orbital Spaces

The future of humanity is looking to the stars; however, with space sector growth, we see an increase in the space debris that is clogging our orbits and planes. At Beyond the Karman Line, we are working with industry leaders and novel innovators to address this problem with simple and efficient solutions. We are looking forward to unveiling our game-changing technologies soon. It’s time to open up our skies and make room for a blooming industry in a sustainable way.


The future is moving

We’re driven by the endless possibilities made possible by reliable, affordable in-space infrastructure. In order for it all to work, we need to go big. Space-based power plants, asteroid mining, water depots, lunar exploration, in-space manufacturing, and orbiting data centers are only part of the picture.